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Industrial Decommissioning & Demolition

Turn-key industrial decontamination,
decommissioning and waste disposal services

Developing new processes that are more efficient can often make your existing plant and facilities redundant. But decommissioning them to create space for new developments can present a real challenge. With our extensive network of services, we can provide turn-key decontamination, decommissioning and waste disposal services that comply with the highest standards.

How we can help

First, we will undertake a site visit to enable us to submit a compliant technical or commercial proposal. Once this is agreed, we usually carry out the project in three phases. 

Phase one includes the decontamination of NORM, oils, lubricants, chemicals and asbestos. In phase two we either demolish structures and materials, so they can be sold on the scrap metal market, or we will dismantle and/or remove assets ready to be relocated on sold for reuse. Phase three includes waste segregation, waste disposal and a Project Environmental Accounting Report (EAR).  

Should you require it, we can also provide land remediation services.

How do we create value for you?

Our service gives you access to the competence, skills and experience of an industry-leading decommissioning service. We can tackle minor or complex decommissioning, scrap processing and asset recovery for you. But we can also draw on the skills of our Industrial Services division for high pressure jetting, chemical cleaning, or specialist services from our Waste Services division and Mechanical Services division.

Our collaborative solutions can also include design, commissioning and maintenance services from our Energy and Water experts following decommission, to enhance your performance and efficiency even further.

What happens to your waste?

All waste is managed in accordance with the waste hierarchy. Our experienced project managers focus on top-tier recovery and the reuse of materials wherever possible. This results in recycling rates in excess of 99.55%, which can help you minimise waste and maximise the value of your assets.

Find out how you could benefit from our onshore decommissioning and demolition service. 


P​rocess efficiencies, process improvement & process development

Scrap processing and asset recovery

Responsible & reliable partner to tackle both minor & complex decommissioning