Recycle Week: Aerosol Cans Now Recycled In West Berkshire

Residents of West Berkshire can now recycle empty aerosol cans at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in Newbury and Padworth.

Empty cans of deodorant, furniture polish, air freshener and hairspray can be placed in the can and bottle banks at the public recycling centres.  The aluminium and steel containers are then sorted and recycled into new cans.  Please don’t place any hazardous aerosol cans into the recycling banks – these have a black and orange cross or skull and crossbones on the packaging. 

West Berkshire Council’s Executive Councillor for the Environment, Dominic Boeck, said: “To mark national Recycle Week, we’re introducing this great new service for residents that will increase how much we can recycle as a district.”

General Manager for Veolia in West Berkshire, Mark Gray, continued: “We collect around 34 tonnes of aerosols in household waste each year, which if recycled will help West Berkshire to reduce landfill even more.  Residents should make sure that aerosol cans are completely empty and loose lids are removed and disposed of carefully.”

For more information go online to, contact West Berkshire Council’s customer services by email [email protected] or call 
01635 519080.


For more information please contact:
Keely Gallagher
0203 567 2918 or 07887 942 754
[email protected]