West Berkshire hates food waste!

Following national news headlines this week claiming ‘half the world’s food is thrown away’ West Berkshire Council and Veolia Environmental Services are issuing a reminder about their Love Food, Hate Waste campaign.

The campaign encourages local residents to be more aware of food thrown away and to learn to put it to good use instead.

 It is estimated the average family in the UK throws away £480 of food a year and this figure increases to £680 a year for families with children. The ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ campaign aims to help residents save money at home showing them how to make the most of the food they buy. The campaign claims families could save up to £50 a month in this way.

For starters, bulletins with tips for making tasty meals from leftovers can be found by visiting our Love Food, Hate Waste pages.

For more information please contact:
Keely Gallagher
0203 567 2918 or 07887 942 754
[email protected]