Can you bank on your neighbours? Imagine a street where every home owns a tent, a barbeque, a drill, a bike pump, a ladder, a roof-rack, a... the list is endless. Now imagine a street where these things are shared by neighbours, saving people money and radically cutting consumption in the process.

This is what Streetbank is all about and we’d love you to get involved in West Berkshire. shows you all the things and skills your neighbours are offering. It was rated by the Times as one of the 50 websites you can’t live without and has grown to be the largest neighbourhood sharing website in the UK.

There are a decent number of people signed up in West Berkshire. But it does need a little leadership and some people to take the first move. If you could post a few things for giving away you’ll likely inspire some followers to do the same!

What could you share? Contact [email protected] if you want a little help to get things started!