Smart Stacking

Does your paper get wet in the rain, making your box heavy to carry? Does your sack of bottles and cans blow away in windy weather? Follow our Smart Stacking tips to solve these common problems!


Smart Stacking your recycling containers can solve common recycling issues and save space!


  • Stack your boxes on top of each other, with the glass box on the top.
  • Trap the handles of your green sack in between the two boxes or squash the whole bag between the two boxes.

With this Smart Stacking method, your paper box will stay virtually dry in the rain, making it lighter for carrying than if it gets wet.

Your green sack won't blow away and your plastic bottles and cans will be securely held in place.

The drainage holes in the glass box might let a small amount of rainwater through, but if you stack your green sack in between, then virtually no water will get to your paper and card.

If your paper and cardboard is dry when we collect it, it requires less processing and is easier to recycle into a high quality product, so better for the environment.