CHP cogeneration expertise service and monitoring desk

Combined Heat Power - What We Do

From pre sales consultancy and advice, through installation, operation and comprehensive lifetime technical support, Veolia will be with you at all stages of the life of your CHP installation.

Veolia will be with you at all stages of the life of your CHP installation

Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies - Helping you understand whether CHP is suitable and what benefits you can expect to achieve from it
  • Concept design - What will a CHP look like at your location and how will it integrate with your existing systems
  • Comprehensive advice - Our experience of CHP installation will help you to mitigate the risks of applying CHP to you application
  • Project funding - Through the Veolia ECO2Synergy scheme, you could benefit from the financial and carbon benefits of CHP without the capital cost
  • Project management - Whether you are just buying the equipment, or getting Veolia to provide a full turn key package. Veolia will provide a project manager to ensure that your CHP is installed correctly, meeting all relevant legislation and ensuring you receive the maximum benefit from the system
  • Operation and Maintenance - Your CHP can only benefit you when it runs. Our large service team, supported 365 days a year by the Veolia CHP control centre will minimise your downtime and ensure you receive the maximum benefit from the CHP through its lifetime

Our CHP energy solutions deliver sustainable energy, with guaranteed savings, by generating them directly on your site, for your site. By being close to the energy users they serve CHP systems put you in control of your energy needs and your energy costs now and in the future. All of our systems are backed by our support teams.

“CHP is good engineering, good economics and good business”

600 CHPs installed on customer sites

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service

30 years experience in cogeneration