Is cogeneration (CHP) right for you?

Understand when CHP can deliver maximum carbon and energy cost savings

With cost and operational efficiency at the heart of your decision making process it is important to consider the feasibility of an alternative energy solution. Before installing a CHP it is important to understand the factors, including maintenance, that make this type of solution suitable and gain the maximum carbon and energy cost benefits. We can help you by providing comprehensive advice to meet your project needs.

We know that it is only through specifying and designing the plant correctly, that the anticipated savings can be realised. Our teams are ready to help you achieve this by giving you the expert support and unit selection advice you need.

Our aim is to give you the confidence to deliver long-term financial security with guaranteed performance from the outset.

We focus on getting it right.

We know that a good CHP is one that is appropriate for your site, if we think there are better solutions for you, we will say so – our capability relies on us delivering your expectations.

If an alternative technology is better suited for your project the Veolia UK team can help investigate other energy efficiency measures.