Bracknell Leisure Centre

Managed by Bracknell Forest Council, the Bracknell Leisure Centre combines a wide range of sports and leisure facilities for the local community and includes three swimming pools, gyms, indoor sports courts, a café and function rooms.

Saving 430 tonnes of CO2 every year for Bracknell Leisure Centre

The Coral Reef facility combines multiple pools, water slides, flumes and wave machines for an aquatic leisure experience.

The challenge

The leisure facilities at the Bracknell Coral Reef and Leisure Centre sites need reliable heating, hot water and electricity to support the amenities. These include three swimming pools, gyms, indoor sports courts, café, function rooms and other facilities. The Coral Reef facility combines multiple pools, water slides, flumes and wave machines for an aquatic leisure experience. To meet environmental targets and control energy costs Bracknell Forest Council needed a solution that would meet these aims and provide the essential utility supplies.

The solution

Over the past 18 years Veolia's specialist packaged CHP team (Cogenco), have worked in partnership with Bracknell Forest Council to implement the CHP installations that serve the leisure facilities. With the existing installations reaching the end of their operational life Bracknell Forest Council worked with Veolia to develop a replacement for both sites energy supplies.

Under a new contract Veolia has replaced the existing plant with new 135kWe CHP units at each site. These contribute running cost and carbon savings to these key leisure facilities. Veolia provide long-term operation and maintenance of the units, with full monitoring from the company's Horsham base.

Leisure centres are an ideal application for CHP technology as there is a constant demand for electricity and heating. Veolia has a strong track record in the sector and delivered over 130 CHP units to leisure centres across the country. CHP units provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly energy solution.

  “430 tonnes of CO2 saved per year ” 

The onsite nature of a CHP plant means that energy is not wasted through grid-transmission either. Instead it is generated and fed directly to where it is needed, resulting in increased efficiency when compared to the losses in transmission over large distances. Veolia supports the installations through 24/7 monitoring, operation and maintenance through mobile field service teams.

The results

The use of combined heat and power systems provides the facilities with reliable electricity and heating delivering energy cost savings and reduced exposure to electricity price inflation.

Annual CO2 emission reductions of 430 tonnes per year contribute to an improved Display Energy Certificate rating in line with carbon targets.