University of Bradford - Case Study

In 1966, Bradford was granted a Royal Charter to become the University of Bradford and the 40th university to be created in Britain. The student population has leapt from 2,000 in 1966 to over 10,000 people today.

Reducing costs and CO2
emissions for the University of Bradford

The challenge

Ecoversity is the name given to the programme of embedding sustainable development across the whole of the University of Bradford (UoB) and this initiative has helped create a One Planet Carbon Strategy to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. To achieve this the University of Bradford have looked to implement effective on-site electricity and heat generation to serve the campus.

The solution

Veolia (Cogenco) Combined Heat and Power designed and installed a 1.4MWe CHP unit which will ensure the university can save more than £8m over 20 years, help meet HEFCE's carbon reduction targets and maintain their position as a beacon in sustainability within the Higher Education sector.

The benefits

  • Cost savings of £400,000 per year
  • CO2 emission reductions of 1,900 tonnes per year in line with carbon targets
  • High efficiency energy delivery
  • Design, installation, operation and maintenance from expert team
  • Year round operational support