University of Warwick - Case Study

The University of Warwick is one of the leading UK Universities with 21,600 students on a campus occupying 290 hectares on three adjacent sites.

High-efficiency delivery for the University of Warwick

Recently voted the best campus in the UK, it includes education and research buildings, student accommodation, Warwick Arts Centre, sports centre, shops, banks, bars and restaurants.

The challenge

To maximise the use of funding for the academic activity the energy supply needs to be cost and environmentally efficient. The University of Warwick identified that a district heating scheme incorporating CHP was the best way to deliver energy to the campus community as this could provide higher efficiencies than individual grid supplies and separate boilers.

The solution

Starting in 2000 Veolia (Cogenco) Combined Heat and Power has provided a four phase introduction of CHP for the three campus sites:

400kWe unit installed for University Medical Centre with funding from the energy Savings Trust Innovation grant

Two 1.35MWe units with absorption chilling to provide base load heat and electricity and feed the air conditioning. Stored Ice generated during night time low demand is used for day time cooling

1.35MWe unit installed to supply heat and electricity to the main campus

Installation of two hot water buffer vessels to provide hot water during peak times

The benefits

  • Cost savings of £300,000 per year
  • CO2 emission reductions of 3,500 tonnes per year in line with carbon targets
  • High efficiency energy delivery
  • Design, installation, operation and maintenance from expert team
  • Year round operational support


“We are committed to to reducing our CO2 emissions via the use of cogeneration and at the same time reduce our energy costs. The service support we receive from Veolia is excellent”

Alastair Lawry 
Utilities Engineer