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Creating bags more potential for plastic carriers

Bag2Bag recycling

Working alongside local authorities, we offer a closed-loop environmental solution by recycling used plastic bags into refuse sacks.

In England alone, millions of plastic carrier bags are used each year. A large percentage end up in landfill sites where they take a long time to decompose, or can be found littering our towns, cities, coasts and countrysides.

Although England followed in the footsteps of Ireland, Wales and Scotland and introduced a mandatory charge for single-use plastic bags in 2015, the problem is still a big one.

So we have given plastic bags a new life by turning them into refuse sacks. We collect used bags from retailers and at our Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and transport them to our recycling partner. The bags are washed, processed, turned into pellets and made into bin bags. We then deliver them back to the local authority where the used shopping bags were first collected.
Residents in Southwark now use Bag2Bag for their refuse waste as part of a closed-loop solution. We are looking to extend this scheme at a number of our MRFs across the UK.