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Cultivating a greener solution for gardeners

Pro-Grow gardening range

Pro-Grow is our range of sustainable gardening products. It's an environmentally friendly alternative to peat-based garden products.

Peat is a partially decayed vegetation or organic matter that has built up gradually over millennia at peatlands. It's used in potting compost or mixed with fertilisers to help improve soil quality. The problem is that peat takes a very long time to develop, growing at a rate of less than 1mm a year. The commercial extraction of peat is threatening supply and at the current rate of consumption it will soon run out.

Peatland ecosystems are important and unique habitats. They are among the most effective carbon sinks and absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Peatlands are also important as a natural flood defence and due to the acidity of the conditions, they are home to species of plants and animals that can't be found elsewhere.

To provide gardeners with a way to help grow strong plants and crops while protecting the UK's peat resources, we looked to our green waste.

Our Pro-Grow products are made from composted biodegradable material we collect from homes and businesses.
 In our composting facilities, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of garden waste are transformed into high-quality compost and nutrient-rich organic soil conditioner. It's a great example of a closed-loop solution - we collect the cuttings and waste from gardens, then compost and repackage it so it can be used to help plants grow.
Veolia UK | Cultivating a greener solution for gardeners
Our high-quality Pro-Grow Soil Conditioner is sold to retailers and the public for use in landscaping, agriculture and gardening, available online at B&Q and Waitrose.

Due to its success, we have extended our range of eco-friendly peat-free Pro-Grow products to include multi-purpose compost, woodchip mulch, bark chips and lawn conditioner.