Veolia future bathroom

Discover the bathroom of the future

Discover what appliances might equip the bathroom of the future

With increases in population and water demands, the bathroom of the future will include appliances that reduce your water use and save you time. Below we have sampled some of the technologies we believe will feature in the home of the future...


Ultrasonic appliances

Baths will be able to work by using a minimal quantity of water. Technologies needed for cleaning will be able to use ultrasonic vibrations to remove dirt meaning you will no longer need to use soap!

Power of plants to clean water

In 2050, every home will self-treat its domestic effluents by using the processing power of plants and bacteria. It will be a sustainable and natural solution, and 100% energy free.


All water taps will be equipped with senso-cleaners that will automatically scan your hands during washing and the water will stop once the sensor detects all dirt has been removed. This invention will enable significant savings in the quantity of water used.

To learn more about these technologies please see the downloads below.




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