veolia future kitchen

Look inside the kitchen of the future

What technology might exist within a kitchen in 2050?

The kitchen is at the heart of the circular economy. We've designed this room free of bins with waste that seperates itself using microscopic nanobots. Below we have sampled some of the technologies we believe will feature in the home of the future.


Infinicycle & Nanobot waste sorters

The liquid and solid waste material will undergo a treatment to break the matter down into its chemical building blocks. Due to this process, it will be possible to recycle endlessly and recreate any type of material.

Products for recycling will be sorted by microscopic nanobots that separate mixtures of materials into categories based on their size, shape, colour and on their physical and chemical properties.

Underground collection network

All municipal waste will be collected via a pneumatic network transferring the waste flow to treatment facilities. This will reduce the presence of vehicles in the city and contribute to less greenhouse gas emissions, sound and visual nuisances which result from the collection of waste, and will be a 24/7 service.

Multiple bins will be replaced by one pod integrated into walls allowing more space in rooms. The pods will then drive waste to the treatment facility.

Intelligent packaging

Packaging will be active and able to control the environment inside the packaging providing optimum conditions. It will also self-degrade after the content expires.

To learn more about these technologies please see the downloads below.




Veolia UK | Imagine 2050, the future of waste, water and energy for cities (4.84 MB)
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