Veolia future bedroom

Explore the bedroom of the future

What might a bedroom of 2050 look like?

The industrial revolution of the future will take place at home! Below we have sampled some of the technologies we believe will feature in the home of the future...


3D Printing

3D printers will be accessible to anyone and replace industrial manufacturing. Consumers will be able to print specific to their need and will avoid mass production reducing the use of materials and energy. Diverse appliances will be available to print: medicines, electronics, everyday-life objects.

Natural Light Maximisation

New paints and materials will enable the optimisation of natural light and reduce the energy consumed for lighting in the home and/or producing coloured light. Less energy use means lower greenhouse gas emissions, greater fossil fuel conservation and less waste produced by the power industry.

CO2 and algae: a biofuel couple

All the CO2 emitted at home will be used to feed micro algae and produce biofuel. The biofuel in turn will be used to generate heat and power. The CO2 produced from the heat and power generation will be once again used for biofuel production in a closed loop.

To learn more about these technologies please see the downloads below.




Veolia UK | Imagine 2050, the future of waste, water and energy for cities (4.84 MB)
Self cleaning bathrooms using the power of plants and bacteria...
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