Green fleet rolled out in Northampton

New green fleet to support Northampton
Borough Council's environmental objectives

We recently took over the environmental services contract for Northampton Borough Council. To help the council meet its environmental objectives we introduced some brand new collection vehicles from Dennis Eagle, reducing the environmental impact of collections and providing a direct benefit to Northampton’s residents.

The new vehicles will collect general waste, dry mixed recycling and garden waste and are quieter and more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. All of our Northampton collection fleet will be Euro 6 compliant, the latest and most stringent of emissions standards, which aims at reducing the levels of harmful exhaust emissions, such as Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) or Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Furthermore, the vehicles with rear-end loading will enable operatives to undertake quicker and more efficient rounds, made quieter thanks to electric bin lifts. More efficient rounds will save both time and fuel further reducing the impact of collections on the environment.

Keith McGurk, Regional Director for Veolia, comments

We are taking responsibility for the cleanliness of our vehicles, encouraging the use of low emission models. Making the collection routes more efficient and the rounds quicker are also precious assets to reduce our environmental footprint while collecting waste to recycle it.