How to improve your business’ recycling rates

By implementing a successful recycling system into your business, you will reduce carbon emissions and promote a circular economy, an alternative system to the traditional linear economy where products are made, used and disposed of.

A circular economy promotes the continual use of resources to create a closed-loop system which therefore uses less raw materials, reduces waste and reduces carbon emissions. When implementing a closed-loop system in a business it is vital to implement a structured recycling stream. Here we are breaking down some of our top tips to boost your business’ recycling rates.

Reduce waste

Recycling will help to reduce your carbon footprint, however, reducing waste at the source is equally as important as it will reduce the need for energy and raw materials to create single-use products and packaging. Could your business eliminate paper use by introducing electronic systems?

The more plastic bottles that go in your recycling container, the more get recycled back into new products. But how?

plastic recycling infographic

Conduct a waste audit

By conducting a waste audit, you will gain a better understanding of the different waste streams in your business and therefore be able to identify new recycling opportunities. For example, if your business started to produce more plastic waste, you could introduce a plastic recycling stream to reduce general waste usage.


Use educational signage

Understanding what materials can and can’t be recycled can sometimes be confusing so by providing employees with clear and concise information will help solve this issue. The first place to start should be making sure all collection points have clearly labelled which materials should be placed in each appropriate bin. By monitoring these recycling systems, you could also include signage to help resolve specific issues, such as providing a sign encouraging employees to collapse cardboard boxes if recycling containers are becoming overfilled.

Get your team on board

Sharing your business’ recycling strategy and goals can help motivate employees to do their part when choosing where to dispose of their waste. Communicating recycling targets to your teams providing regular updates on the results on which teams are doing best can incentivise employees by adding in a little competition.

Demystifying Recycling
How we can all improve recycling rates

Demystifying Recycling


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