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The steps your business can take towards positive climate action

With net zero and sustainability becoming more and more prominent themes in the media and online, you might be feeling lost as to how to take any positive action. With this in mind, we've summarised five key steps you can take to improve your business' environmental impact.

Make sure you have an efficient waste management system in place

Every business has different waste needs - from food to hazardous waste, businesses can have several different waste streams just at one site. This is why it's important to have a bespoke, efficient waste management strategy tailored to your business so that you can ensure your waste is being treated in a way that has minimal impact on the environment. From standard dry mixed recycling to trickier waste streams, Veolia can develop an innovative waste management system that will help you meet your sustainability targets.

Close the loop!

A key way to take positive climate action is to make sure your business is part of the circular economy as much as possible. To use Selfridges as an example, we helped them to start turning recycled coffee cups into their iconic yellow carrier bags. Using 100% recycled plastic packaging and switching to peat-free compost are two more examples of how your business can close the loop and take positive action, whatever the nature of your company.

Prioritise energy efficiency

Not only will this lessen the environmental impact of your business, but it will also save you money. Even upgrading your lighting to smarter technology can help to reduce your company's carbon footprint, therefore slashing your bills and having a positive impact on the environment. With most businesses now having a carbon reduction or net-zero target to work towards, looking at your energy systems could be the quickest way to address your carbon emissions.

Business case
Selfridges wanted to increase recycling and improve their sustainability by seeing waste as a resource.

Use data to inform your decisions

Veolia's Hubgrade service can help with this. Hubgrade, Veolia's real-time reporting system and remote management service, can analyse your building's energy usage to identify where improvements can be made. Only by auditing how things currently stand can you plan for how to make positive improvements, so data-driven solutions are a necessity for taking serious steps to improve your environmental impact.


Educate staff on sustainability

Whilst you as a business might be completely committed to improving your environmental image and taking positive climate action, this message might not have filtered through to everyone who works for your organisation. It's important to educate your staff on how they can be part of the business' environmental efforts, from ensuring that they dispose of waste correctly to encouraging them only to print when absolutely necessary.

Find out how Hubgrade can make your business smarter about your businesses use of utilities.


For more information on any of Veolia's services or how we can help your business take positive climate action, get in touch with our team of experts.


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