Sustainability Report 2021: Instilling confidence in our stakeholders

Trust is important to our long-term investors. At Veolia, we build this trust by creating real social value, ensuring we are operating responsibly, ethically and sustainably across all business functions.

Sustainability Report 2021


Increasing involvement for our employees

At Veolia, we offer employees the opportunity to become shareholders and have a closer involvement in Veolia’s development. In 2021, in the UK and Ireland, we offered 13,715 employees the option of one of two share plans, both under the Sequoia umbrella. A total of 2,231 employees subscribed, investing more than £1.6 million in the business!


Ensuring ethical operations

Ethics make up the foundations of how Veolia runs its business and services. Our very own Ethics Guide has been available to employees and stakeholders to explain its importance to us and in line with this, we have a whistleblowing system that is available on any device at any time for staff to confidentially refer a matter to the Veolia Ethic’s Committee. We launched our Expect Respect training programme to guide and protect our employees against abuse from the general public. This has been deployed across the UK for our operational sites. Also, our 2021 Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking statment is published to outline our previous actions, as well as the due dilligence and governance we have in place that ensure our business and supply chain are slavery-free.

Building confidence with compliance

There is strict governance surrounding our industry and the solutions we provide. Veolia is committed to ensuring compliance across all our operations. At Group level, we have several dedicated committees responsible for everything including ethics, compliance and human rights. Our compliance policy supports our teams, helping to identify, assess, prevent and remedy risks in these areas, protecting everyone from our stakeholders and employees to the general public, our business and our purpose.


You can read more about how we’re supporting our stakeholders, employees, planet and society in our Sustainability Report 2021. Download your copy today.


Discover how we are achieving Ecological Transformation.

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