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Is your business prepared for the future? This means reducing your carbon footprint as the UK heads towards Net Zero, and optimising processes as we advance on the journey to digitalisation.

However, how do you prepare for future needs that you may not even have anticipated yet? These are the questions that you - and your clients - need to be considering.

Allowing partnerships to take the pressure off

With the UK setting an overall target of achieving Net Zero carbon by 2050, and individual businesses and organisations setting their own sustainability targets, there is mounting pressure on everyone to reduce emissions and make more sustainable choices. Yet there are, of course, financial considerations to take into account for every business - going greener has to be balanced with your bottom line. Maintaining operational efficiency is also important. With so many factors to balance, choosing the right suppliers is crucial to achieving the results that you and your clients need.

You can add value to your business and improve the sustainable performance of your clients by partnering with the right supplier, as they can provide the guidance and support you need to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow whilst identifying improvements you and your clients need today. Suppliers that go above and beyond their core service areas, such as waste management or energy, are key to this. Having partnerships in place that support your business in wide ranging ways is crucial to establishing a holistic approach to making your organisation more sustainable.

How can Veolia help you achieve Net Zero?

We provide cost-effective, sustainable waste, energy and water solutions. But we also offer so much more than that. We can work with you to look at ways to implement circular solutions and turn your clients' waste into a resource, saving them money and helping them to close the loop - reflecting positively on you as their main supplier. A recent example of this is our project with a leading fast food chain, during which we turned a large quantity of redundant plastic children's toys into new products. Our bespoke solutions take into account the individual needs of the business, and find ways to initially reduce, and then reuse and recycle waste - even the most complex waste streams.

Did you know that we also have a wide portfolio of self-delivered support services including compliance schemes, emergency response, secure destruction and confidential shredding services? These solutions are not only crucial in supporting your clients day-to-day and ad-hoc needs but they are helping organisations' progress towards their own sustainability goals, and facilitating improved efficiency. By taking care of much more than waste, we can help you to reduce your supply chain, report more effectively and even provide your clients with new and additional services.

It can be challenging to remain on top of legislation updates. Our teams handle developments for you and ensure you fulfill your mandatory requirements.


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