Veolia UK | Pressurised cylinder and gas cylinder recycling service

Veolia launches new full service solution for the recycling and recovery of pressurised gas cylinders

New solution launched to handle compressed gas cylinders

Veolia, the UK’s leading resource management company, is launching a new service designed to provide a complete and compliant way of disposing of compressed gas cylinders. To support this new service the company has invested in a dedicated facility, located at the Empire Treatment Plant in the Midlands, which safely removes and treats the contents of the cylinders to ensure full compliance with all statutory and environmental requirements.

Whatever type of pressurised cylinders you have, and whatever condition they might be in we can help.

The new solution is backed by a network of specialised facilities across the UK which have the capacity to safely manage gas cylinders, and covers all types of gas cylinder arising from a range of sources including research facilities, industry, healthcare, universities and recycling centres. As gases are classified as dangerous goods all cylinders transported must meet current regulations and codes of practice. With incorrect disposal and treatment presenting a significant risk, and mistreatment potentially leading to fines, Veolia’s service delivers a simple solution with a national collection capability that guarantees compliance.

Some cylinders contain special gases that may have an impact on the environment and require particular handling and disposal processes are also covered by the Veolia service. Before processing the technical teams review each consignment so that the contents can be carefully extracted, in a controlled environment, with the resultant gases either processed through Veolia’s licensed chemical treatment facility or safely destroyed. Empty cylinders are then repatriated to the original supplier or recycled if they cannot be returned.

Commenting on the new service Kevin Hurst, Veolia’s Chief Operating Officer, Industrial Customers UK said “As a complete recycling and recovery solution this new service represents a significant step forward for the treatment of pressurised gas cylinders. This in turn will help our customers safely deal with unwanted cylinders, and meet regulatory and environmental requirements.”

Veolia’s new service adds to the company’s existing capabilities that can manage hazardous wastes ranging from aerosols and batteries to regular drum consignments and management of low level radioactive materials. These specialist services deliver compliant hazardous waste collection and handling, advanced treatment recycling and recovery technologies along with site registration.


As a complete recycling and recovery solution this new service represents a significant step forward for the treatment of pressurised gas cylinders.
Kevin Hurst
Chief Operating Officer, Industrial Customers UK, Veolia