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Sustainability at Manchester City Football Club

Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) are committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of its Football club and minimising their environmental impact.

Sustainability is the ethos that drives MCFC’s Etihad Stadium, ensuring that the large majority is recycled, and anything that can’t be recycled is alternatively directed to energy recovery facilities to power homes around Manchester. This includes all of the waste from our Catering facilities. However, this wouldn't be possible without the continued support of both MCFC staff and fans.





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Sustainability at City

Manchester City Football Club hosts many events producing a wide range of waste streams from grass to plastic. Catering, cleaning and hospitality all produce their own waste streams which a collated together.

Food, wrappers, plastic bottles, and bags are all common items amongst the waste produced by MCFC. Many people will assume that because it is convenient to dispose of all waste in the same waste container, it is the right thing to do… Let’s find out more.


Take a look at the types of waste produced and collected at Manchester City Football Club. 

Why is waste segregation important?

MCFC ensures that none of their waste resides in landfill, but instead is recycled to create new products or energy. Waste segregation allows this to happen by making sure that the right types of materials (waste) are directed to the facilities best equipped to recycle them.


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Waste Dials

The end goal of MCFC is to see all waste created on site eliminated or given a closed loop solution. This will drive the tonnage down and the recycling percentage up. These are our recycling percentage rates for 2022:

Manchester City Recycling Percentage Rates

Avoiding waste contamination

Westfield Contaminated Waste

Waste contamination is often easily avoidable and often simply due to a lack of training and awareness. Ultimately resulting in overweight bins and increasing treatment costs.

The challenge is to simplify the recycling process with measures that would also reduce costs, and ensure staff and shoppers are fully educated in recycling best practices.



Where does your waste go?

At Veolia, we have a range of facilities that recycle different types of waste to create new products or energy.

At Manchester City Football Club, your waste will go on a specific journey to become a useful resource for the stadium, academy and surrounding towns and cities, too. Your lunch will become energy to power a home, your plastic container will become a shoppers’ bag and your glass bottle will assist in the building of a local road.

Using recycled materials creates a closed-loop effect, whereby waste simply does not exist! It creates a more secure stream of resources, uses less carbon, and in turn is much more sustainable.


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