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Local authorities

Saving money while protecting resources for local authorities

Helping local councils to do more with less

Local authority spending has been reduced by 20% since 2010, so it is crucial that councils reduce costs, deliver value for money and continue to provide the wide range of services people have come to expect - all the while improving recycling rates and reducing their carbon footprint.

Helping our customers to do more with less

Austerity measures dictate that local councils need to do more with less. So, improving recycling rates and reducing waste going to landfill is crucial. This demands an increasingly sophisticated waste management solution to extract as much value as possible from waste streams.

Tailored waste solutions to maintain safe and reliable services

Our tailored recycling and waste collection solutions ensure an efficient service to over 40 local authorities across the UK, serving more than 8 million residents. So, our partner local authorities are able to deliver safe and reliable services to residents while saving precious resources and improving street cleanliness.

Finding efficiencies while reducing carbon footprints

Our local authority customers are also able to achieve big energy and carbon savings which not only means councils get to meet their environmental targets, but the annual savings can contribute to local economic development and boost already-stretched budgets.

On average, the environmental services we provide to local authorities helps them to save £250million, while cutting CO2emission by 20,000 tonnes

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Keeping Westminster's streets clean and waste-free helps maintain London's reputation as a pleasant place to live, work and visit. It is a tough challenge that requires a 24-hour service, 365 days a year. Veolia has risen to the challenge set by the City Council and the close partnership developed over the years has gone from strength to strength.
Mark Banks
Group Manager of Wastes and Parks, Westminster City Council


Local authorities

Our 12 Materials Recovery Facilities process: 264,000 tonnes of paper/card, 110,000 tonnes of glass and 85,000 tonnes of plastic, making carbon emissions savings equivalent to taking 68,000 cars off the road.