Circular Economy Case Studies

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Manufacturing opportunities for industrial by-products

Capturing nitrates

Working with one of our industrial partners, we have identified ways of reusing its manufacturing by-products to deliver energy efficiencies and commercial opportunities.

Many industrial processes create by-products that can be used to make the production process more cost-effective or create new products. We work with a range of businesses to help them harness the potential of their waste streams, reducing their environmental footprint and delivering cost and energy efficiencies.

One of our commercial partners is an industrial chemical company based in North West England. As part of its manufacturing process, it creates a water-based waste product that contains sodium nitrate, discharging at a rate of 1,200 mper day. Sodium nitrate is a versatile substance with many uses.

It is found in fertilisers, pyrotechnics, glass and pottery enamels, dental products and food preservatives.

Recognising its potential, Veolia designed and built a mechanical vapour recompression evaporation system that we operate and maintain for the company. The system is designed to extract the sodium nitrate solution from the water-based waste so it can be repackaged and sold as a commercial product.

Another benefit of this process is that distilled water produced during the treatment is recycled back into the production process, significantly reducing water supply costs.