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Reducing water scarcity one drop at a time

Recycling water for food production

Working with Bakkavor, a national food producer, we have created a landmark solution that has enabled recycled water to be used in food production.

Despite our reputation for wet weather, you may be surprised to hear that the UK has less rainfall per person than our Northern European neighbours, and London is drier than Istanbul *. This is why water supply and wastewater treatment is a national priority.

Our water supply is under great strain from the ever-increasing demand of households, business and industry and the effects of climate change are taking their toll too.

In short, as a nation we are using more water, but there's less to go around.

Tilmamstone Salads is based in Kent, an area of water scarcity and came to us for help in reducing its environmental impact. To achieve this, we created a water recycling facility that took the wastewater from the factory and safely recycled 72% of ít back into the food production process.
The system is designed to meet the high standards required for drinking water and is the first example in the UK of recycled water being used in food production. Not only has it delivered significant cost savings and reduced our client's environmental footprint, it has also brought them significant recognition.

Tilmanstone has received the prestigious Supplier of the Year award from Marks and Spencer, a title contested by some 50,000 companies.