Hints and tips for Graduates

Follow our hints and tips to help you become successful when applying for our graduate roles

Please find here hints and tips to assist you with your application for Veolia’s Graduate Development Programme. We want you to succeed and work for us so please take your time and re-read everything before you submit.

Before you apply

Read through the pages of our website and familiarise yourself with all that we do.

Ensure you have the answers to the 4 questions posed. You can attached a word document of your answers to section 2 of the application process.

Use the STAR approach to assist you when answering the questions:

  • S - Situation; what was the situation, when did it take place?
  • T - Task; what task was it, what was the objective?
  • A - Action; what action did you take to achieve this?
  • R - Result; what happened as a result of your action?


The Application Form

Ensure you take your time. The application process will take around 1 hour to complete.

Please ensure you answer all of the questions requested.

Ensure you apply with plenty of time before the application closes. This will be no later than 31st January 2019.

Have your CV ready - ensure you have proof read it, checked spelling, grammar and the presentation - this is your chance to make a first impression. (Make it count!)

Have your answers to the questions ready to upload. You can do this during section 2 of the application form.

Online Testing

Treat the online testing as you would an exam. You can prepare for these by doing practice papers on the internet.

Please allow yourself plenty of time, arrange to be someone quiet with no distractions.

Ensure you have some rough paper and a pen to make notes as you go through.

Telephone Interview

Ensure you are in a quiet and comfortable location with phone signal and available for the full length of the interview with no distractions.

Do your research before hand. Ensure you know why you want to work for Veolia, and know what you can bring to Veolia.

Have some notes to hand of key projects you have been involved in that you can reference during the call.

Assessment Centre

Understandably this is the most nerve wracking day of the process. We will do all we can to reduce those nerves. There are some things you can do to help yourself too!

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! Ensure you are fully up to date on Veolia, Have we been in the news recently? Have we won any new contracts? What have we been up to?

Be yourself - throughout the day you will meet many different people, they will be looking at your background but also your behaviours on the day. How do you interact with other people? How do you communicate?

Treat each task throughout the day as an individual part. If you feel you have not done well in 1 area don’t let it bring you down. Keep going and shine in the other areas. We will be looking at you as a whole and if successful will work with you on any areas that are not a strength.