Graduates - How To Apply

Find out how to apply for our Graduate Scheme here

Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for the application process. You will have the ability to save your application as you work through it. 


Applications for our 2020 programme are now closed.


As part of your application we ask that you provide your CV and answers to the following questions. If we do not receive these 2 documents you will not pass the initial screening criteria.

The following questions are designed to assess your motivation for a career with Veolia as well as some of the areas we have identified as being particularly important to success within Veolia. You can use examples from your academic, extracurricular or work experience when answering these questions.


1. Please provide details of any positions of responsibility, leadership, gap years taken or extra curricular activities you have held since leaving school (300 word max).

Please ensure that you outline your personal involvement, what steps you took and what the outcome was.


2. We're interested in your motivation for Veolia and our Graduate Development Programme. Please tell us why you want to apply to Veolia and be part of our Graduate Development Programme (300 words max).

  • What attracted you to apply to Veolia?
  • Why do you believe you are a good fit for the graduate programme at Veolia?
  • What do you know about our operations in the water, waste and energy sectors? GRAD2


3. We need to Deliver on our promises in order to progress to new projects and grow our business. If we don't, our business will stagnate and this will compromise our future sustainability (300 words max).

Please tell us about a time you needed to deliver an important project or task.

  • Why was the project so important?
  • What did you do to ensure that you delivered this on time?
  • How did you overcome any challenges or obstacles when delivering this project/task?
  • What results did you achieve?


4. Teamwork requires us to bring together diverse views, skills and expertise to ensure success. Without teamwork, we can’t leverage the great diversity of our people and this will undermine our chances to succeed and innovate.

Please tell us about a time you have had to work with a wide range of people on a group project/task.

  • How did you ensure that everyone in the group contributed?
  • What was your personal contribution on this task?
  • What did you do to build a relationship with the team?
  • What results did you achieve?
  • What did you learn from this experience?


Please attach your CV during step 1 of the registration process and the answers to your questions at step 2.

If you have any concerns with the application process please contact: [email protected].

We will not be able to provide you a status update on your application until after the closing date.