Manufacturing green products and energy

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We use smart techniques and technology to turn waste, wastewater and wasted heat into green products and green energy.

Creating green products and clean energy
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Because our three business activities – water, waste and energy – are interlinked, we are able to address even the most complex resource management challenges. We increasingly focus on creating clean, renewable energy; extracting value from waste and wastewater; and turning end-of-life materials into new products.

But we can’t do it all alone. That’s why we work alongside our customers, suppliers, industry partners and other stakeholders on circular economy solutions.

“Innovation continues to be a key driver for us: we encourage employees to identify and develop new solutions from concept to reality, while increasing our efforts to identify more external opportunities for innovation. Our partnerships to date have proved essential to the creation of truly circular solutions and we continue to engage with many existing and potential customers to explore new opportunities.”
Dr Forbes McDougall, Head of Circular Economy, Veolia

Performance highlights

1.7 million tonnes CO2e emissions avoided

60 MW Green electricity generated by our Combined Heat and Power facilities

12 million litres Liquid fuel created from waste

Switched on to the power of sludge

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Veolia operates 15 sites for Stirling Water Seafield Ltd in Scotland, including wastewater treatment works, Combined Heat and Power plants, and anaerobic digestion facilities. By introducing thermal hydrolysis process technology, we are able to process more sludge, providing the Seafield Wastewater Treatment Plant with around 70% of the electricity it needs. More methane is burnt, which creates 50% more gas, and the remaining sludge is sold commercially for use on agricultural land.

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Green fingers from green waste

A growth market

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We turn the green waste collected at our Household Waste Recycling Centres into Pro-Grow, a high-quality, nutrient-rich, peat-free organic compost and soil conditioner, ideal for landscaping, agriculture and gardening. In 2014, we sold over 78,000 bags – an increase of 24% – and plan to sell one million by 2016. We have also extended the Pro-Grow range to include multi-purpose compost, woodchip mulch, bark chips and lawn conditioner, making this one of our most successful Innovation Forum suggestions.

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Our technology turns waste, wastewater and wasted heat into green products and clean energy.

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Climate change is one of today’s biggest global challenges and we are committed to helping to reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels.