Choosing the right waste service, whatever your location

Pubs & Restaurants

Location is often a key factor in driving pubs' and restaurants' footfall. While a site’s setting holds a certain appeal to customers, it can hinder your delivery, waste and other services. 

Both city centre and rural locations are attractive to customers. Yet being situated in areas where access for service delivery vehicles is difficult – for example, on a busy high street or down a narrow road – can have implications on essential services being able to function.

If service delivery vehicles struggle to access the site, they could cause obstruction on public highways. This is especially true for waste vehicles, who need regular access to bins. Additionally, certain locations may be subject to noise nuisance laws or local council restrictions, further restricting times in which waste can be collected.



But even in these difficult locations, waste removal needn’t be a problem. Veolia can work around the circumstances and challenges unique to your site. As your proactive partner, we can perform an audit of your pub or restaurant site in order to find the right approach to waste collection. 

Veolia has one of the largest and most varied fleets of vehicles in the UK, so we are extremely adaptable to customer demands. As such, we can arrange suitable collections, including timed services or noise-minimising vehicles. We’ll also consider the positioning of containers on your site to optimise space and minimise the possibility of blocking paths and site entrances and exits. 



Auditing can also involve analysis of your waste and recycling streams to help transform your waste strategy both on-site and at collection. This can include segregating waste on-site to cover all waste streams generated by your pub or restaurant site, including paper, card, plastic, glass, food waste, or general or residual waste. Whether through multiple bins or for a single-stream waste collection, we can ensure you have the right type and size containers to match space available, alongside the service that best fits your site.

Regardless of site challenges, you can achieve an efficient waste management service tailored to your specific needs. Effective waste collection is key to this, and Veolia’s nationwide collection infrastructure allows you to enjoy peace of mind that your refuse will be disposed of reliably and legally, as part of your own bespoke, audit-informed strategy.


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